I’m a designer/illustrator living in Los Angeles who has a thing for bold and whimsical patterns and pictures. My joy comes from combining my love of color, drawing, painting, printmaking, and design to create things that make people smile!

I like to experiment with mixtures of different media; I will usually work with watercolor, gouache, pencil, marker and whatever else I can find around me and then my scanner and serious side come out to compose everything neatly on the computer. Ta-da!

My work is largely influenced by my current surroundings on the west coast in a mental mash-up with the collection of memories from growing up on the east coast. Urban signage, gothic architecture, 80s’ pop culture, sci-fi films, maps and travel are all things that make my heart beat faster and instead of jumping up and down, I try to reign them into a pattern (it's safer).

I consider myself a lifelong artist, though most of my career has been in graphic design. I have 2 degrees in design and have been spending the last 20 years or so designing print, interactive and branding solutions for a range of industries and clients. When I noticed how much pattern I was using in this work, I thought it would be a natural shift to pattern and illustration and so here I am now!

When I’m not drawing or designing, you can find me running the neighborhood hills, perfecting my meat pie recipe, or chilling on the beach with my hubby. But mostly, I’m resisting the magnetic pull of the couch.